Managing Director / Owner Briefing Notes

These are a collection of short, one or two page briefings on topics of interest to owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses. Each one covers a specific topic in a short and straightforward way.

How much do your products really cost?

Here is some practical advice and a few pitfalls to avoid when you try to set the price of your products

Save your business with better cash control

A guide to ways of tightening cash control and stopping a business from bleeding to death

When office humour is no laughing matter

Everybody wants to work in a “fun” environment but watch you don’t take your “fun” too far

Heading off sexual harassment charges

A practical guide to the problems of establishing a policy regarding sexual harassment

Maintain profitability with TCC

Some useful guidance on maintaining the profitability of your business by using the “people science” of Total Customer Care

Non-Executive Directors

Fast-track route to success for the smaller growing company?

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