How we help

Independent Business Partners Ltd provides directors, managers and owners of small and medium sized businesses (SMB or SME) with practical advice and help that enables them to capitalise on the existing resources at their disposal. A very grand aim but how do we deliver this?

The answer is to become actively involved in your business for the long run.

Active Involvement

Many so called “Business Advisors” work on a project basis which means they come in, work on a specific project, make their recommendations then disappear. IBP does not work in this way. We want to create a long term relationship with our clients and that means being around through the good and the bad. It means not just making recommendations but being actively involved in implementing them. In so doing we become an important part of your business and you for ours. Only in this way do we believe that we can really understand your business and provide you the sort of value for money we looked for when we ran our own businesses.

IIB Business Support Scheme

The Institute of Independent Business (IIB) Business Support Scheme has been specifically created to help businesses employing between 5 and 250 staff. No matter how confident you may be as an owner, director or manager of a business there are times when you wish you had another experienced business person you could turn to for advise, or even just as a “sounding board”. In larger businesses you would have access to non-executive directors on your Board for just these sorts of times. In a SME often you don’t have this luxury. The IIB Business Support Scheme has been created to address this specific issue. For more information look here or download a brochure.

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